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Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Vacation Bible School (VBS) happens almost every summer.  Usually is is a couple of days to a week or sometimes just a single day.

Usually there is teaching about Biblical themes and Jesus along with activities and some snacks for the children that attend.  

This year's one day VBS was on July 15, 2023.  It was for PreK to Grade 5 and our program was based on the theme below.

We had a BBQ and ice cream afterwards.

The  slide show  below was created with pictures.   

2023 VBS Flyer.jpg

Previous VBS Events:


VBS 2022 was held around the end of July 2022 with Mel LaMar. 

VBS 2021 was held August 2 to 5 2021 and was called Treasured 

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